Severe Weather As A Marketing Tool?

Severe Weather As A Marketing Tool?
Severe Weather As A Marketing Tool?

While the Summer season winds down, the wild weather season starts for others. Using weather forecasts as a marketing tool is perhaps a bit on the devious side, but a tactic nothing the less. I’m not necessarily talking about horrific disasters, but the coming rainy seasons, and the sometimes brutal Winters.
Although, offering hotel deals to a neighboring state which might be experiencing a bad hurricane isn’t so bad is it? Even if you’re not making much of a profit on the rooms offering the discount, take advantages of social and link marketing opportunities.

Social Media:

Hopefully you have a nice online following via Twitter and Facebook. This is a great place to reach out to local users who might have friends and family in the effected areas. This also goes towards growing your followers which is a bonus. I’d get the word out anyway I could and wouldn’t dare miss making a Youtube video, doing a video or audio podcast update about it, offering the coupon/discount on Foursquare, and of course a blog post.

Link Building:

The link acquisition opportunities will be hit and miss, but in the end you should have a pretty good system to follow for future events. There are several ways to get links out of this opportunity, some of which that come to mind are ;

– Press releases

– Coupon and Deal sites and forums

– Guest blog posts about your news

– Get interviewed on a related podcast about the discount/offer/deal

– Links from various syndicated sources

– Links from social media profiles

– Getting blogged about by local bloggers

– Partnering with other local companies who can help out guests with their services in times of need.


I imagine you’ll more often than not end up with barely any competition for situations like these. We’ve also seen a lot of success marketing geographically via Facebook ads. Adwords and Bing’s Advertising platform are also the obvious choices to hit up next, but watch your budget closely! The biggest tip I can give you is to try and get your PPC ads on targeted weather report pages for the areas most effected.